Experiment One: Murder in the Lab


Experiment One: Murder in the Lab tells the tale of Yvette Bilodeau, a once-famous neuroscientist who seeks to escape her past by hiding away in the sleepy town of Andover, Maine. But when horrifying events start occurring, Yvette realizes that her past might be back… with a vengeance.


This is a story of murder in the pursuit of the wealth and recognition which significant scientific discovery can bring. In the busy research lab of Dr. Yvette Bilodeau, the harmony of her scientific team, is fatefully disrupted when a young graduate student, Mike Desfleur, is found murdered at his lab bench. Detective, Brandell Young, has been taken away from his usual big city street crimes, to work the case and quickly learns about the significance of the lab’s focus and the ramifications of discovery in the biomedical field. Was Mike killed because of his lady killer life style or was it something else? What was stolen from the lab and why? Yvette and Brandell with two different world views, begin a search to find the killer who is no novice in a laboratory environment.


"Experiment One offers an enticing neuroscience take on an Agatha Christie-esque murder mystery."
- Clarion