Experiment Two: Murder in Seaview


As the tides come in and out of the small ocean town of Seaview, Maine, life goes on peacefully, unless you’re Jamilla Johnson. Something disturbing and very unfriendly is happening in her neighborhood. She’s the own of a little shop filled with good things to eat and drink and will will. Why would anyone want her out of her and her shop, Botanica Natural? Why would anyone try to hurt her? Who can help her solve this bizarre puzzle?

Brandell Young, an Afro-American detective, moved from Los Angeles to the coast of Maine, is a special investigator for the Maine State Police. He thinks he has chosen a quieter way of living than that of his previous life in the big city. He has reconnected with an old friend, Yvette Bilodeau, a neuroscientist from Santa Monica who worked on a previous case with him. Together, they witness Death coming to quiet little Seaview and begin to investigate.